Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Missing Ireland Pics

FINALLY!  I have working internet in the London flat.  (Was getting awfully tired of hauling butt down to the local internet cafe -- even though said location was only a block and a half away.)  So, without further ado...

Day Four, if you recall (I barely do) was when we didn't go to the Skellig Islands, so Sam took us to a cashel...

That's your 1000 year old stone home thing.  The view is of the central circle and the outer wall.  The view is also from above, because we were able to climb up steps inside the wall and walk along the top.  See?

And this is how smooth the outer wall is, and how it leans in.  That's Carmel, from the tour, standing next to it to show you what vertical looks like.

And then, we were off to the 15th Century tower.  And, yes, here's us sneaking in under the barbed wire...
The tower itself, in quite a state of disrepair.

The, er, ones responsible for the "fresh land mines" around the castle:
Setting that aside, though, the folks with the castle certainly built it to give themselves a terrific view:

And, lastly, I give you the perfect little rainbow

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