Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My, this is embarrassing.

I'm getting all ready to go on my next vacation -- part of this process includes charging up the battery for my camera and checking the memory card and ...

OK, remember last summer?  When I went on that totally amazing trip (which I blogged, apparently starting with when I had to buy a new watch at LAX -- it got way better, honestly) which involved a cruise from Athens to Istanbul?

Yeah, I apparently forgot to upload the photos.  Had I done this within, y'know, a month of actually returning, I would have remembered where every photo was taken, whatever silly stories went with it, and (in some cases) why the heck I took a picture of that.  It's a mystery to me now.  I suppose, if I had a day or two, I could cross-reference against the blog posts and figure out the great bulk of it, but I don't have that kind of time.

So, with that apologetic introduction out of the way, here are some of the more notable of the 390 photos I just took off my memory card...

Here's the stadium at Delphi... I have a vague memory of hiking up a very great distance to get to it.

I am particularly proud of this next set ... although it requires a bit of imagination to see it. First is a metope from the Parthenon.  They have it on display at the British museum.  Beneath it is the place on the actual Parthenon where it came from.  You can totally see the outline of where the centaur goes.

Just a few random shots of things in Greece and Turkey


And some stuff from Istanbul ... at the Blue Mosque and the Harem at Topkapi Palace.  I shot a lot of surface decor here, because it was just so freakin' ornate.

... Yeah.  I should probably be a little more prompt about the uploading from Ireland.  Looks like I should add my card-reader to my packing list.

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