Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Real Homeowner

I've had my house for more than a year now, and there's still a place in it I've never seen.

The attic.

Wrong word.  Actually, it's the "crawl space."

Yesterday morning, the heater repair guy came.  He fixed my busted heater, cleaned out the ducts, all that business.

Last night, my alarm started showing a "No AC" signal.  This morning, I called the alarm company.  I mentioned, casually, that I had no idea where the damn thing even plugged in.  So the nice man looked it up and said, "Says here that the transformer is in the attic."

Well, shit.

Looks like I've gotta get the ladder.

Update:  Got tallest ladder I've got.  Stood on top step.  Removed panel.  Put head in crawl-space.  Scanned around with flashlight.  Saw what may have been the outlet, but did not see a plug in it (nor could I see it nearby).  Need to jump in there and poke around.

Problem:  When I stand on my tippy-toes on the top step, the crawl space entrance is about shoulder height.  I put my arms inside for leverage and tried to pull myself up.  Did not work.  Also, other problem:  Not sure if I'd be able to get back down the same way.

Called Handyman. 

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Wil said...

Perhaps it is time for said handyman to install a set of "attic stairs" which you can pull down and access the overhead without risking your neck?