Sunday, January 23, 2011

Damn You, Angry Birds!!!

Yeah, OK, I've had all of three games on my Droid pretty much from the beginning.  I like having a few games there -- they're good for killing time when I'm waiting in line someplace.  None have been major time-eaters, though.  

However, it was only recently that Angry Birds became available for the Droid.  I'd heard about Angry Birds.  Heard it was fun.  Heard it was addicting.

Dude.  I need a 12-step group.

I think I've had it for three days.  At least two of which, I was up very late playing "just one more level."  (Apparently, I'm not all that good at Angry Birds, as it can take me quite some time to actually nail said level.)

I knew it was getting ahead of me last night, when I hadn't accomplished anything on my list of "Shit to Do," because I'd wasted too much time with Angry Birds.  So, I made myself a promise that I wouldn't play Angry Birds at all today.

This promise lasted till about 5:30.  Was meeting some friends at a restaurant, and they were a bit late.  So I'm standing out there waiting for them, and I think, "Well, OK, just until they get here."

Famous last words.

It did not help at all that one of the friends I was meeting was similarly addicted.  Seriously.  When we met up, I was talking with the wife, while the husband was focussing intently on his cell phone.  "Working?"  I asked.  He turned the phone so I could see ... Angry Birds.  I nodded understandingly.  Soooo understandingly.

When I got home tonight, I went back to finish off that level I'd been playing outside the restaurant.  Because, you see, I'd made progress out there -- I'd figured out what I had to hit (with my first bird) in order to clear the level.  So, all I had to do was actually hit it.  (Required a certain level of precision in my bird-aiming.)  But, still, I figured I could just knock the level off and then set the game aside.

Again:  famous last words.  Finished that level and the next one looked really easy.  It was; I got it in two tries.  Next level seemed easy too; annoying pigs dispatched with great rapidity.  Next level was challenging.  Hmmm.  How to accomplish this.

9:00 had somehow turned to 11:30.  Vague thoughts about laundry, bills, that review I was supposed to write, my housekeeper's W-2, and everything else on my "Shit to Do" list started percolating, and I wondered exactly how much of that I could get done between now and midnight ... or if I was just going to have to start the work week with a nasty sleep debt.

(Angry Birds reluctantly put down.  Not out of any sense of responsibility ... more that I'm getting a headache and my aim was starting to suck.)

Let's try this again:  Tomorrow, there shall be no Angry Birds.

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peg said...

You haven't updated in almost 1 week. This leads me to conclude that you are still Angry Birding.