Thursday, January 13, 2011

World's Cheapest Wardrobe Makeover

Project:  Go in your closet, find something you never wear, and build an outfit around it.

(Project was motivated by my attempt to return some stuff to my local Eddie Bauer store, only to find they'd closed the store -- and the nearest store was now about 40 miles away.  I have a feeling that they're thinking they can just switch to catalog and internet sales.  Dudes, one of the main reasons I bought from you over the internet was because I could return stuff to the store without having to pay return shipping.  There will be way fewer purchases if I have to be certain I'll keep something or else risk an additional shipping fee.)

The point, though.  I was now in possession of two, form-fitting, scoop-neck shirts I'd intended to return because the neck was a wee bit too scoopy for the office.  The mission:  make them work.  The solution:  Wear a tank top underneath, peeking out a bit over the scoop-neck.  Problem solved.  I actually got complimented on it.

Buoyed by this success, I moved on to the Victoria's Secret stuff -- that would be the three sweaters (still in their shipping bags) at the top of my closet, waiting for a garage sale or eBay or something.  Figured I'd try them on.  The long red jackety one worked immediately.  The very very long "boyfriend" sweater can work with a mini-skirt and a belt.  The third one ... yeah, that one still blows.  But still, two "new" pieces for my wardrobe.

I even braved a nice little green cardigan which hadn't seen the light of day in over a year.  When a co-worker said, "I love that sweater; is it new?" I proudly confessed, "No, I've had it for years -- just haven't worn it."

I feel like I just bought a bunch of new clothes, but it didn't cost me anything.  

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Anonymous said...

No, the proper response is always, "Ppppth! THIS old thing?" even if you just got it from the store and the tag is still hanging from the sleeve.