Sunday, January 16, 2011


I ate an orange today.

This filled me with much excitement, as the orange came from a tree in my backyard.  I've had the house for about two years now -- while the lemon tree has provided much fruit, this is the first time I've seen any action on the orange tree.

This is cause for celebration.  I haven't done much with the lemons -- I generally give them to a friend who uses them to bake yummy desserts (which she then shares with me), and, once, they helped out a platter of cold shrimp.  But, basically, I don't have much use for lemons.

Oranges though ... I can eat them.  And I did.

There is a bizarre sort of satisfaction that comes from eating fruit that grew on your own land.  Sure, I could buy some oranges -- and for a hell of a lot less than the house cost.  But I'm very happy to know that my property can provide me sustenance.  And, apparently, prevent me from getting scurvy.


Wil said...

Congratulations on the citrus goodness emanating from your own backyard. Next there'll be strawberries and tomatoes in big pots, no? they are easy growers and worth the effort.

peg said...

Lemons are awesome for clean-up duty.