Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Not Sure If This is a Good Thing or a Bad Thing

In the airport today, waiting for a flight.

In the row of seats back-to-back to mine:  a woman and her daughter.  The daughter is reading aloud -- one of those Percy Jackson books.

Mom helps her with some of the hard words, but the kid is doing pretty well.  Eventually, she gets tired of reading, so mom reads aloud to her.

And mispronounces words.  

OK, I'll give you that "caduceus" might be one you don't see every day, but there were some other words that I think an educated human being ought to be able to get through without sounding them out.  I mean, I assumed that the kid was reading the book because it was assigned in school -- which would mean that she is expected to be on top of all the words in the book.  Is it too much to hope that her mother will know them well enough to help her out?

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