Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally! The photo saga ends

Yes.  Well.  That was exciting.

Getting the photos fixed took three trips to the place, a phone call and an email, but, thanks to the help of a manager who was as frustrated with the lab as I was, we finally got it.

Clearly, I prefer the one on the right.  (And/or bottom.)  While it is the same photo, I think the shiny reflection off my glasses makes my eyes look better.  And, bonus, they did some good 'shopping over there next to my right eye, so that you look through my glasses and see hair, rather than extra face.

They also did the colorizing they'd promised on the casual looking one, which now looks like this:

I went with the grey background basically because the red wall looked totally fake, so I wanted to force it more into the background since, hey, it's all about me.

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