Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The photos did not come out exactly as planned.  There were four I was supposed to get, and I had to give them back two to redo ... and, now that I got the disk home, I realize that they need to re-do a third one as well.  Bless 'em, though, they took them back, no questions asked, and said they'd redo them.  Which is a good thing.

The main problem arose from a bit of over-enthusiastic photoshopping.  The deal was, of course, that they'd spiff up the pics and make them look all perfect and professional and stuff.  The problem was this:  as I mentioned yesterday, all the pics had my glasses on.  And, what with flash photography and all, there was a certain glare on my glasses.  I actually liked the glare.  It put a light source in the pictures and made the specs look all shiny.  They took out the glare.  What I didn't realize is what happens when they take out the glare:

Oh look!  It's my eyes, looking in two different directions.

The glare is going back in.

There's something else wrong with this picture.  You probably can't notice it, but it jumped out at me and reminded me of the other humorous incident which happened during my photo session:

 I had a hangnail and was bleeding.  They didn't have a band-aid or anything, so while Daisy was doing my makeover, I sat there with a paper towel wrapped around my hand, doing my best not to bleed on my white shirt.  I was pretty cautious in most photos to hide this finger, so that the dried blood wouldn't show up in the pics.  I was told they'd "take it out in post," but I bet their editor guy didn't even see it.

The next picture is (as far as I know) the only one they don't have to fix.  I think I could've gotten the pose a little better my own self, but I think it's kinda playful (and the soles of those shoes are never going to be so photo-worthy again):

(See?  Total That Girl hair.)

This other one is close to right ... they were supposed to do something funky with the background and didn't do it.  Which is cool and all, except I actually paid for it, so I've gotta call them tomorrow and ask them to fix that one too.  But the picture is a much less girly shot, and rather more representative of how I normally look, so I like it:

OK, no, I don't normally straighten my hair, wear too much makeup, and lean artistically in the shadows against a fake brick wall. But compared to the retro dress, saddle shoes, pearls, and rhinestone headband, it's totally me.


Peg said...

What fun! I like the "That Girl" photo but the last one is totally you. It's classic and pretty and your parents would be proud to have that in their house. Or in their wallets while showing all their friends with eligible sons.

Mom said...

Absolutely! The last one is you. Love it, love it, love it!