Sunday, December 11, 2011

Human Beings: Largely Decent

My thanks to the three people involved in returning my wallet to me, when I dropped it in the parking lot, and hadn't even known it was lost.

I was attending the theatre.  I dropped my wallet in a public parking lot where it was picked up by another theatregoer.  Who was going to another theatre.  He handed my wallet over to the artistic director of the place, who happened to recognize my name, and telephoned a publicist who knew me.  The publicist called me on my cell phone ... with the result that I got a call about a minute after I walked out of the theatre, telling me that I'd lost my wallet, and that I could pick it up from the other theatre's artistic director.  (I went directly there.)

Now, clearly, this process was helped along greatly by the fact that the artistic director knew me -- but this wasn't strictly necessary.  When I returned to my car, I found a note there from the dude who had found my wallet, and left his phone number.  I'd already picked up my wallet by this time, but I called the guy just to thank him.  He said it was a karma thing.

(I guess I just got repaid for sharing some electricity with my neighbors, when they had a downed power line for several days.)

Still, this is clearly one of those days when I'm having a lot of faith in my fellow humans. 

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Lori said...

I like days like that. :)