Saturday, December 3, 2011

That's It. I'm Officially Five Years Old

Got the XBox yesterday.  Began playing with it last night.

The Kinect really does get you moving -- I'll give it that.  And I like the fact that the "Kinect Adventures" (which isn't so much a game as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the way the controller works -- which is an odd thing to say as, like the adds profess, you are the controller) ... ANYWAY, I like the way that the game is set up so that it's fairly easy to succeed, so you move through it quickly.

It was set to the mode to automatically take pictures of me.  I subsequently turned that off.  I mean, it's one thing to dodge and weave and jump in the privacy of my living room --- another to have photographic evidence of it.

The real problem was that upon winning a game, it asks you to record a "living statue," where there are a bunch of avatars on the screen, and you're supposed to dance around and talk -- and then play it back and all the avatars are doing your dance moves while your voice plays back.  

So, now, although all photographic evidence has since been deleted, my XBox can now play six little avatars dancing around while my voice says, "I did it.  Go me.  I did it.  Go me."

(Oh, the shame.)

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Lori said...

My kids won't let me buy Kinect and play with their XBox. They have threatened to hide the XBox if I suggest it again. It's just as well, because I wouldn't use it in front of them anyway.