Thursday, December 1, 2011

Now I'm a Tourist Attraction

I saw a car drive by this morning and slow in front of my house while someone leaned out the window and took a picture of my downed tree.  Hey, lady, get your own storm damage!  This one's mine!

Here's my backyard.  Branches everywhere.  Also lemons.  And shingles.

Lots of shingles.

I was trying to look up the warranty on my roof when I my next-door neighbor came by with the happy news that the shingles aren't mine.  My roof (which you can see from their house) is still intact.  The shingles aren't theirs, either, although their yard is also full of them.  They came from the house on the other side of theirs.  That's two houses from me, if you're keeping score.

That was the good news.  This is the bad news.

Note the gap in the fence on the left of that walkway by the side of my house.  Shouldn't there still be fence there?

Oh!  Here it is!

In my other neighbor's yard!

I'm not 100% sure that I own the fence.  It could be his (although I think it's mine).  I left a note for him (he's a firefighter, so is busy working right now) -- if it's mine, I'll be calling my insurance carrier.

(I already checked.  My tree removal isn't covered as the tree didn't fall on my house.  All things considered, I'm happier with this set of circumstances.)

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Lori said...

Yes, good that the tree didn't fall on your house. Glad there was no serious damage done.