Monday, September 13, 2004

An Emmy First ... No, Second

Found myself cruising through this year's first crop of Emmy Award winners.  Although the big telecast is next week, they already gave away the "Creative Arts" Emmys the other night, and a few of them are in categories I actually care about.

I found it particularly notable that "Monk" won for Best Theme Song.  This is interesting because "Monk" won for Best Theme Song last year.  It was a different theme song.  I checked the archives.  No TV show has won for Best Theme Song twice. 

I usually don't pay much attention to things like the Emmy for Theme Song -- but this particular story is one I've been following for about, oh, a year.

Like I said, "Monk" won for best theme song last year.  You wouldn't have noticed "Monk" celebrating this -- the Emmy win wasn't exactly trumpeted on their website or anything -- because, by the time "Monk" had won the theme song Emmy, it had already replaced its theme song with something else.  (Can you imagine what the press release would have looked like?  "'Monk' is proud to announce the Emmy award win for its theme song, which it has since stopped using in favor of another song we like better.  But, um, way to go, first composer!")  It's gotta be a little embarrassing when you decide to replace your theme song and then someone goes and gives you an award for the original one.

And "Monk" was suitably embarrassed.  A second-season episode contained a reference to the theme song debacle -- a woman complained that her favorite TV show should never have changed the theme song; she liked the original theme song better.  (Probably would have come off as more sincere had the woman not been a deranged murderer, but still.  It's the thought that counts, no?)

And now, a year later, the suits at "Monk" who decided to ditch the original theme song finally get to say "I told you so," as the song they chose to replace it also picked up the Emmy.  Good for them.

(I still like the first one better, though.)

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