Monday, September 13, 2004

I am such a girl.

Walking to my car today, I passed a limo exiting a driveway.  The driver saw me approach and said, "Your limo is here."  I chuckled slightly and crossed in front of him.  As I walked by, the driver said, "I only said that because I wanted to see your smile."

And I chuckled again, and, as I have been programmed to by my set of X-chromosones, blushed furiously and smiled again.  This time on purpose.


It isn't like total strangers harmlessly flirt with me on a regular basis, but it has happened a few times, and whenever it has, my response has always been the same.  A slightly-embarassed smile.  A small moment of self-doubt as I think about how unprovocatively clothed I invariably am, and that line that starts, "Men seldom make passes at..."  I mostly wonder what compels a guy to throw stray compliments at total strangers when the only thing he's going to get in return is a smile and laugh.

I'm pretty much over the self-doubt.  I don't really suspect that the fellow in question thinks I'm completely unattractive and has decided to flirt with me out of some sense of pity for the girl with the glasses and the unremarkable outfit.  I've come to accept that dudes like this limo driver genuinely like, for whatever reason, to make a girl smile.

The next step, I suppose, is figuring out exactly WHY I smile every damn time.




andreakingme said...

Because being complimented is smile-worthy. Nothing wrong with that, sweetie. And it's better than pretending you're above it or ignoring the man. Right?

olddog299 said...

You SO underrate yourself.  Be glad I'm not single - I'd be stalking you for a date.  

Guys like to watch a woman's face light up with a smile.  It really is nice to compliment a woman, lightly flirt and watch the glow start.  The twinkle in the eyes, the catch in the voice.  It's sublime.  Really -- try it for yourself and see how much pleasure YOU feel just "lighting up" a guy for no other reason than to see him smile.  Magic.