Sunday, September 19, 2004

Three comments on the Emmys

1.  For Pete's sake, AOL, some of us live on the West Coast, where we get these things tape-delayed.  Could you not put the winners on the freakin' Welcome Screen until after it's aired out here?  Sheesh, you postpone the announcement of the weekly Survivor loser until we've seen it, you'd think you could show the same courtesy with respect to Emmy winners.

2.  OK, wait... they'll play off Jeffrey Wright talking about the AIDS crisis in Africa in order to make more time for Garry Shandling's pitifully unfunny sketches?  There's something wrong with their priorities, there.

3.  And an explanation for those of you who don't happen to watch the Tony Awards:  Elaine Stritch won a Tony for her stage show whose adaptation just won her an Emmy.  At the Tonys, they cut her off during her speech -- not just playing the music loud, mind you, they cut off the woman's mic so she couldn't finish.  It was a huge deal in theatrical circles, where Stritch has something approaching Living Legend status.  Some people even started using the word "Stritch" as a verb meaning "to cut off someone's acceptance speech."  (E.g., "Why'd they Stritch Jeffrey Wright?")  So the fact that she said she'd go on until they drag her off ... well, that was just freakin' hilarious, if you happen to know the back story.

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