Wednesday, January 3, 2007

If Only I Could Figure Out Which Foot to Limp On

Yeah, ok, so ... left ligament still weak, so I'm wearing a lace-up sports brace on it every day.  And taking anti-inflammatories twice a day (or, more precisely, whenever I remember).

The other day, I had a meeting at my place, for which I needed all available chairs around the dining room table.  Now, a couple years back, I bought a chair massager thing.  It sits on my desk chair in the living room.  Not wanting my guests to fight over the chair with the back massager on it, I removed it from the chair and hid it in my closet.  It's fairly unwieldly -- a soft chair back and seat with massage mechanism in the back, trailing a power cord and adapter.  Took me several tries to unwind the power cord from around (and under) the chair, but I finally got it out of there.

Next day, I put it back in the chair.  Carried it back out to the living room, moved the adapter out of the way, and prepared to plop it on the chair.  Where, of course, the cat was.

I pulled the chair back from the desk, which had the desired effect of convincing the cat to move. 

While silently congratulating myself for the smoothness of this move, I drop the massage chair.  On my foot.  My right foot.  It doesn't have that nice soft impact that would come with the padded seat of the chair connecting with flesh -- no, I hear (and feel) the heavy massage mechanism smack against the bones in the top of my foot.

I iced it twice that night, but it still hurts when I put a shoe on.  And, of course, since I'm wearing the lace-up brace on my left foot, I need to wear shoes with good support -- i.e. tight ones.  Yowch.  Had to actually take my right shoe off yesterday -- both when driving and at work.

Never a dull moment, surely.  But I certainly never anticipated so much footwear difficulty.

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helmswondermom said...

Is your London hotel wheelchair accessible??  Take Care!