Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Benefit of My Wisdom

Two grocery tips for you:

Tip One: Yoplait Yogurt Whips taste like dessert.

I mean it.  I eat a lowfat Yoplait every morning for breakfast.  One day, when I was shopping for my week's worth of yogurt, they were out of white chocolate raspberry lowfat, so I figured I'd experiment with the raspberry Whip.  (Fewer calories but a touch more fat.)  The consistency is sorta mousse-like (and sorta not) but, seriously, it tastes like dessert.  At least the raspberry and strawberry ones do.  But if you're looking for a berry-tasting light fluffy treat, suck one of these puppies down.

Tip Two:  As 100 calorie bags of microwave butter-flavored popcorn go, Pop Secret is the best, Orville Redenbacher is a reasonable second, and Jolly Time blows.

Sadly, the store was out of Pop Secret (they had the Kettle Corn and Homestyle flavors, neither of which is to my liking) so I figured I'd buy the other two brands and compare.  I started with the Jolly Time, which I actually had to salt, it was so tasteless.  Thought I was eating styrofoam packing peanuts.  The Orville was substantially better.  (Anything edible would have been substantially better.)  Didn't have quite the yum factor of the Pop Secret, but each kernel seemed to have at least a touch of flavor to it -- unlike the Jolly Time, which had a lot of flavor, although most of it was left lining the bag rather than attached to the popcorn.

Bonus Tip:  Check those expiration dates.  Nearly walked out of the store today with some mushroom salad with a "sell by" of two days ago.

Completely random aside to my sister:  Whole Foods has pre-cut packaged jicama.  Man, that took me back.

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