Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vacation Day

I am taking a vacation day today.

I hadn't planned to.  In fact, I actually went to work this morning.  But the construction consultant called to say the contractor wanted to get in my unit, and I came home to supervise.

I think I like this contractor.  I like him because he appears to be getting to the bottom of the problem.  With a jackhammer.  While previous non-destructive investigation into the leak on my balcony has resulted in a determination that the outlet is leaking -- despite the massive amount of silicon sealant around the outlet -- this dude has decided that the only way we're really going to find out what is leaking is to rip out the outlet and chip out all the stucco around it until an obvious source of leakage appears.  He's been at it for about an hour and finally said "I think I found the problem."  Which is, of course, not where anyone ELSE thought the problem was -- but seeing as he was actually able to confirm his hypothesis by showing me the torn paper (inside my wall) where the water was able to get through, he gets my vote.

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