Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thunk Thunk Thunk

That's my head against the wall.  Metaphorically.

Upon reconsideration, I no longer think I like this contractor.

Around 2:30 yesterday, with the new waterproofing installed in my now torn-up balcony wall, the contractor called it a day, saying he'd be back today to plaster up the wall and install a waterproof box around the electrical outlet.

Long story less long:  He didn't come.  He didn't call, either.  We have a consultant managing this project who called him no less than five times throughout the day.  Never picked up.  Never called back.  He's MIA and the project is half-done.

The leak detection company had already been scheduled to come out tomorrow -- so they're going to water test as much as they can.  (They can water test the new waterproofing.  They cannot water test the area around the electrical outlet because the outlet is exposed and Duh.)

Now, OK, there's a chance that the contractor got hit by a bus or something.  In which case I'll feel really bad for calling him all sorts of new and exciting names.  But, barring that, I remain convinced that he's a poopyhead.

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