Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not Exactly the Look I was Going For

I started off this morning using a facial hair remover product.  (Oh come on.  It isn't TMI.  All us brunettes do it.)  I have used said facial hair remover product regularly for the last 20 years or so.

Applied it for 8 minutes as per usual.

Felt all tingly, like it's working.

Removed it with a damp Kleenex and ... Ow!  It burns!  It burns!


Put on the "post removal skin soothing cream" and ... it still burns!!  Yipes!

I admire my look in the mirror.  OK, sure, my upper lip is hair free, but you sort of don't notice that as you are distracted by the redness and swelling.

I look at the package insert which cheerfully suggests that, if irritation occurs, I am to remove the product immediately (that ship has already sailed, friend), apply a cold compress and seek medical attention.

Am now typing one-handed while holding a cold compress to my face.

Yesterday, my mother asked me, "Have you ever had a day where everything you tried to do went wrong?"  I might just.

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