Friday, January 11, 2008

Eddie Bauer Customer Service

I like Eddie Bauer.  I wear lots of Eddie Bauer stuff.

(Eddie Bauer has a lovely line of trousers that they refer to as the "Blakely" line, because apparently, the "Baby Got Back" line is a little too telling-it-like-it-is for them.)

I ordered a matching skirt and top.  On December 22nd.

I had them delivered to my office, as package delivery to my condo is generally chock full of surprises.

They didn't come.

I got another package from Eddie Bauer, which had been shipped later, but not the December 22nd package.

January 5, I check their website to check the status of my order.  Says "received."  I think this is odd.

I email.  I point out that the package has not, in fact, been received.

I get a reply.  It tells me that, under their system, the package should be received by January 7, and to write them back if I don't get it by then.

January 7, no package.

January 8, no package.

I email.  "Still no package," I say.

They write back.  Apologize.  Say that they've cancelled the order and will credit my card.  If I'd like to reorder, I can email back and they'll handle it for me.

I go to the website and reorder.  Except I can't, because they're out of the matching top, and the skirt won't do me a whole lot of good alone.

I email.  "Hey, um, I'd like to reorder, but you seem to be out of the top.  Would you nice people in customer service be able to recreate my original order?"

January 10, they write back.  "As you've requested," they say, "we've resubmitted your order.  Unfortunately, we're out of the top.  We'll send you the skirt, though.  We've charged your card.  The skirt is on its way."

Um.  (Did you read my earlier email?  The bit about, "hey, can you get me the top?")

I write back.  "Er, no.  Skirt with no top is useless.  Please cancel it again."

They do not write back.

January 11 -- the original package arrives.

(Oh no.  I've got to email and tell them to charge my card again.  The Mastercard people will probably have kittens.)


bhbner2him said...

Well, I don't know this Eddie Bauer fellow.  I think he should send you your clothes at no cost.  After all, what is he doing with them in the first place?  ;o)  Congrats on being a Guest Editor's pick!  -  Barbara

pharmolo said...

Congratulations on being Guest Editor's pick!


pamal3 said...

Hello. This is my first time here. I have put you on my alerts. I love your stories. Congrats on being the Guest Editor's Pick. Love Pam xx