Friday, January 11, 2008


Hi all!

I just found out Lori, the guest editor at Magic Smoke, gave me a plug.  (Thanks!)

I feel as though some sort of introduction/apology is in order, as a reasonable amount of my entries over the past year are not the fun-filled adventures in cleaning cat barf that you might be expecting. 

(Although, the other day, my little ball of purr threw up on her food mat!  I love that cat.)

You see ... um ... I live in a condo.  As of last November I was trying to sell the condo.  As of last March, I wasn't.  Because there'd been an unfortunate leak incident.  Which lead to some unfortunate mold.  Followed by the unfortunate ripping out of my walls.  And the unfortunate inability of the people in charge of the project to find the source of the leak.  (Leaks, plural, actually.)  Followed by much unfortunate exchanges of words among me, the Board of the Homeowners Association, the management company, and the contractor.  To the extent that there was anything happy at all in this process, it was that, last month, the work was finally done!  And my living room was put back together!  This was followed (as recent entries reveal) in no particular order by the contractor actually breaking the bottom of my door on his way out, and the new leak we just discovered during last Friday's rains. 

So, yeah, the (apparently) never-ending attempt to get my condo ready to go back on the market (despite the slump in the housing market) has been somewhat on my mind lately.

But, please, take a look around, enjoy, and um ... oh, I got a package delivery one next....


lv2trnscrb said...

congrats on being a guest editor's pick!!


cyn4mc2856 said...


Good luck with getting the condo back on the market, and SOLD.  : )