Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where Will I Journal From This Year?

It's 2008.

It recently struck me that, with the exception of a quickie "ski" weekend to Park City ("Ski" is in quotes because I will not actually be skiing), I have no vacations planned for this year.

My vacationing has been in a state of flux lately.  I used to like lots of little trips throughout the year -- usually long weekends in New York to see plays -- and the occasional lengthier trip to a more distant location (e.g., a week in London to see more plays).  But lately, that hasn't really been doing it for me -- probably because I see a hell of a lot of plays in Los Angeles, what with being a theatre critic and all -- so New York has become a much less attractive destination.

AND I've taken even larger trips -- both in terms of duration and destination -- and they've been pretty cool too.

So, now, as I start to look at my "vacation day" balance at work, I realize it's about time to start planning my next trip.  I'm trying to figure out where I'd like to go this year, and nothing is really leaping out at me.  Any ideas?

(Seriously.  I take ideas.  Wouldn't have ended up in Iceland if Peggy hadn't suggested it.  Although Iceland is out this time because, damn, $20 for a hamburger.  Not that I ate hamburgers in Iceland or anything.  I had fish.  But still.)

Here are the parameters:

1.  I can get, more or less, anywhere.  I have a ton of frequent flier miles and I'm not afraid to use 'em.  (And thank you, Citibank AAdvantage card.)

2.  Once I'm there, I do not want to spend a big pile of money.  (Because I'm still in "save money for buying house" mode.)

3.  This means:  no cruises and no pricey package tours.

4.  This means:  I'll need to get around the destination city pretty much on my own.

5.  This means:  It should probably be a place where they speak English.

6.  And have a safe way for women travelling alone to get around town.

Beyond that, I'm pretty open.  I'm thinkin' that perhaps I should aim for something of a warm-weather destination, just because last year's trip was, y'know, Alaska.  Then again, since I just did Alaska, I'm largely set in terms of cold-weather gear.

So ... any ideas?

(Bonus points for any idea that would get me interviewed onThe Colbert Report.)


polerbere said...

I usually lurk, but you've convinced me to pop my head out...

How about somewhere in Spain?  I've spent a week in Barcelona.  They have a decent subway system, many places are walkable and many people there speak English.  You still have to deal with the whole Euro/dollar conversion rate though.  Not sure if its on Colbert's radar though :(

Also, Rome is pretty contained and not too pricey from what I remember.  And there is gelato on every corner, which makes a decent meal :)

I've been to Chicago complaints about it.

Happy planning!

pamal3 said...

I really don't know!! I had a fab time in London but i see you went there already. I have been to tenerife a few times and it was good. Sorry I can't be more help! Good Luck in your quest. Love pam xx

tammyg22 said...

I suggest Indiana, personally.  I know a place you can stay with veeeery reasonable rates, with a personal chauffeur at your beck and call.  For example you might consider spending your birthday there, where you could pet a wolf to celebrate.  *g*