Friday, July 11, 2008


I have a small quarter-inch cut on my forehead.

(How did you get that?)

I hit my head.

(With what?)

With my car.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly how tired I had to be to accomplish this one.  I had the tailgate of my SUV open in order to take some groceries out, and somehow, in the process of closing the door, I slammed it on my head.

(And not only on that little quarter-inch spot where the cut is.  On the way down, it also whacked my glasses off my face.  That would be my new, insanely expensive, rimless glasses, on which I declined the insurance on the basis that "I've never run my glasses over in the past.")

Forget not operating heavy machinery when you're tired.  I shouldn't even operate doors.


helmswondermom said...

Ouch!  I once closed my driver's side door and hit my head -- just about knocked me out, left a horrible blue bruise down my temple and across my cheekbone.  So you aren't alone.  And just so you know, from my experience, you don't even have to be that tired -- just have to have your timing off a bit.  Hope the cut heals nicely, and hope the glasses aren't destroyed!

coachwaring said...

Funny stuff--I had a Ford Ranger pick-up that was about two inches shorter getting in than my height. I took many blows getting bags from behind the seats. I was never so happy as the day one of my children totaled it.

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