Sunday, July 27, 2008

Need More Anti-Perspirant

I'm running low on "Secret."  I need to buy another one soon, and it annoys me.

Not like it's a great financial burden or anything.  The "solid" jobs last for, what?, a year?  For all of $3.99 or whatever.  I think I can afford to take the hit.

What annoys is that it's yet another reminder that I haven't sold my damn condo yet.  Every time I run out of something that I don't generally replace on a weekly basis, it hits me that, somewhere in the back of my mind, I'd thought I wouldn't have to buy another one until I was in a new house.  I ran out of hair spray months ago and have been doing without.  It would seem like admitting defeat to order another (yes, I buy hairspray online) and have it sent here.

Hard to really do without anti-perspirant, though.  (Especially in summer.  In Southern California.)  I've been dragging out the dregs of this one, though, in some vague hope that -- even though I see the plastic bits peering through what's left of the Secret Solid -- I'll be gone by the time I've really and truly run out. 

At this point, though, even if I get an offer today, I'll still need to buy a new one, as I very much doubt the milimeter or so I have left would survive escrow.


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