Thursday, July 3, 2008

Party Photos

I know.  I know.  I'm taking ever-so-long to journal about my birthday festivities.  But I had such an awesome time, I'm kinda dragging it out.

(Well, that and my computer has been very disagreeable today.  Couldn't get it to load music into my music player; finally discovered there was some sort of bizarre conflict between the Sony SonicStage music manager program and the MagicJack phone thingy.  Once I got that worked out, I tried to upload the photos from my memory card only to discover my computer stopped recognizing the card reader.  Troubleshooter didn't get it on the first two fixes, but found it on the third (which I was SURE wouldn't work).  Today is not a good technology day for me.)

ANYWAY, here are a ton of photos from my birthday party on the Curlew. 

But first... Can you fit 3 twelve-packs of soda; a twelve-pack and two six-packs of beer; 48 bottles of water; and 4 bottles of wine into an 18-cubic-foot fridge and still have a corner left for your food?

Yes.  Yes, you can.

So... when I got to the boat, I gave my mom the camera and set her to work.  First, I played Julie Your Cruise Director and checked everyone in.  Here's me checking in my sister and brother-in-law.  My sister didn't take too well to sailing -- so here's a happy picture of her before she has actually stepped on the boat.

Here's a bunch of us standing around as the Captain told us all the important things we needed to know about sailing.  (Like how to flush the toilet.)

Note how everyone is standing around.  This is because they haven't put the sails up yet.  Once we really got sailing, most folks sat, like so:

Note the height of the sails -- sitting is necessary so you don't whack your head on the sails.  Lounging is good, too.

At one point, the nice lady who was steering the boat let me take the wheel.  My mother took four pictures of me steering.  My eyes are shut in all of them.  I wasn't driving with my eyes closed!  Honest!

Here's some friends of mine.  The fellow on the left was the dude who got married last weekend.  (He's sitting with his sister and her husband.)  Please note how all three of them had the good sense to wear proper sun protection.

It all ended way too soon -- and they took the sails down as we got back to the dock.

Ha!  Take that Hornblower Cruises.  Curlew lets me have presents!

I really could not think of a cooler way to spend turning 40.

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