Saturday, July 5, 2008

One of Those Days

I get up.  Have my morning yogurt.  Am about to go in the shower when the phone rings.  It's the real estate office.  They want to book a showing of my unit this afternoon.


I set the roomba to cleaning my bedroom and jump in the shower.

Upon exiting the shower, I discover my cat has (yet again) barfed up a hairball in the hallway.  The hallway carpet was cheaper than the bedroom carpet and has less stain protection.  The hallway is also the first thing prospective buyers see when they walk in my unit.  For these reasons, Jasmine barfs there more than anywhere else.

OK, fine, I'll have to clean that up.  Let me put some clothes on first.

I walk in the bedroom.  Where my carpet is being vacuumed by half a roomba.

Its dustbin is missing.  It doesn't seem to care, and is still spinning away, although now its brushes are just tossing the dirt in the air so it lands ... pretty much where it started, on the carpet.  I look for the dustbin.  It is, of course, under the bed.

I crawl under the bed, find the missing dustbin, attach it, aim the roomba back in a particularly dirty area, and get dressed.

I apply cat barf cleaner to the cat barf.  It has to sit for five minutes then you wipe it up with a cloth.

I take a cloth from the pile of cat barf cleaning cloths I keep under the sink.

I apply cloth to moistened stain, I fold cloth over.

Big honkin' spider runs out of the cloth.


I haven't even left the house yet!

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rdautumnsage said...

OMGosh! I know it wasn't funny...oh, hell the way you told it was hilarious. Hopefully you had it all under control before the showing. (Hugs)Indigo