Sunday, April 5, 2009

The cat

is gray.

Which is particularly impressive, given that she's a black and white cat.

I'm not sure exactly where she slept, but smart money is on the fireplace. Or, more precisely, in the fireplace. I wanted to brush the dust out but (of course) couldn't find the brush. Found some Kitty Bath Wipes, though, and thought "any port in a storm." They claim that a single wipe is enough for a bath. Ha. Three wipes, completely blackened, and the cat is still black with gray patches. She smells nice and fresh though.

I may have to (gasp) bathe the cat. Grooming places won't take her until she's up to date on her vaccinations -- and the vet doesn't have me vaccinate her all that frequently since she's Indoor Only. So, to get this cat professionally bathed, I'll have to wait until a vet appointment is available, get her up to date, wait two more days, then take her to the groomer. All the while she'll still be gray.

I think I'll stick with brushes and wipes for a bit, and see if I can't make any more progress. She helps, of course, what with "grooming" being one her two main activities (the other being sleeping). So, maybe we can take care of this ourselves, before attempting to involve professional help. Or a washing tub.

And buying a glass door for the fireplace has just shot up several levels on my Priority List.

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Wil said...

I thought vomiting was high on her list of favorite activities...