Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Found My Drill!

(It was in a box labelled "Dining Cabinet Items" with all sorts of "This Side Up" arrows on it. The major contents of the box: a router, a little wooden box with slots for sorting mail, and my drill. All of which, of course, are fragile items that belong in the dining cabinet. What the hell was my mover thinking?)

Ah, but once I got the drill, it was down to business. Moved a brace for a curtain rod and hung some shades; bought and hung a honeycomb blind for the bathroom; and mounted some under-cabinet lights in my office area. I would almost call myself "handy," but, of course, something went wrong with each installation. I'm not good at this -- none of it goes according to plan -- but (so far, anyway), I've been ultimately successful and I like to think I'm getting a bit better at it.

And I picked up some waterless cat shampoo. Jasmine didn't fight me on it (the fifteen minutes I spent in PetSmart smelling the different shampoos for one she'd accept were well-spent -- although I marvel that I actually know what scent my cat will go for). After a good shampoo and brushing, I can see some white areas on her again. She's a bit grumpy tonight -- curled up in a ball and not even interested in her food. I'm afraid she's sickened herself grooming all that ick off her body. (At least I have my awesome washer/dryer to clean my comforter, if she decides to be barf there -- just like old times.)

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