Thursday, April 23, 2009

OMG! Furniture!

There will so be photos when I figure out where that cable for my digital camera went. (Come to think of it, I should snap those pictures now, since the cat is already lying on the furniture -- so it's about as fur-free as its ever going to be.)

I'm on "voluntary furlough" from work. Basically, they've asked us to volunteer to take two days off per month in exchange for one day less pay. It's a good deal. I can't say I'm thrilled with the less pay thing, but the two days off per month kinda rock when you're moving in. I took my first day a couple weeks ago and used it to completely unpack the kitchen. Today, I scheduled: the exterminator, the electrician, the delivery of my Elliptical machine, and (squeee!) my family room furniture. (And the timing couldn't have been better -- I mean, the electrician was still here when the Elliptical was delivered, which was really handy because we needed to upgrade another outlet for the Elliptical -- it was only $22 bucks since the guy was already out here.)

And, of course, extremely happy about the family room furniture. Up until now, I've had only two chairs in the family room, and one was in front of the computer. I've sorta had to fight the cat for the one in front of the TV. Now I have seating for seven (more, if they're friendly)!

(And now I have a timer on some exterior lights, so when I come home, I can spot the driveway! And security lights! Sure ... I probably shouldn't be all excited about material things. But I have some really nifty material things.)


Reneem1954 said...

so happy for you and look forward to the pics

Reneem1954 said...

Miss your writting :}