Friday, April 24, 2009


(We interrupt all this house talk for something unexpected.)

Today, my boss came into my office and presented me with my "15 years of service" pin. And I thought, "Wow! I've been here for 15 years."

And then I thought: I'm 40. I could conceivably retire as early as 55.

Holy crap. That's halfway.

I can't really say that the first 15 went by quickly -- but, by and large, it went by enjoyably, and I could certainly see myself doing this work for another 15 years without, y'know, wanting to gnaw off my own arm or something.

At the same time, though, I actually thought -- for the very, very first time, ever -- about my own mortality. I mean, sure, yes, I've considered my mortality when jumping into canyons, flying in small aircraft and generally doing things that could put my life on the line. But this was thinking about death in the sense of life reaching its standard endpoint. I mean, really, if I'm thinking that I could be as much as halfway done with my working life, I've surely hit some sort of significant fraction in terms of the sum total time I'm going to be spending on the planet.

Gee. Thanks for the pin.


Wil said...

Bad news. While you may have reached the mid-point in eligibility for retirement from the State of California, it is highly unlikely that you have reached the actual mid-point of your working life. Whether California will be able to make good on its retirement obligations to its employees (highly doubtful) or not, statistics would indicate you will go on to either a new career or two, or continue in law in the private sector until you reach your mid-70's.

That's a long ways away. Kid.

Reneem1954 said...

miss your qritting lately