Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Feel Like a Grown-Up

I didn't feel like a grown-up buying the house, but I have felt like one unpacking into it.

Whether the experience would have been the same if some of my belongings hadn't been in storage for over a year, I couldn't say. But, this weekend, there's been an awful lot of letting go of things from my youth.

Two full boxes of books from Law School? In the trash -- I haven't looked at them in (way) over a decade and they're mostly out of date anyway.

The aforementioned figure skating videotapes? Gone. Along with VHS copies (taped off TV, not purchased) of the entirety of Twin Peaks, the great bulk of The X-Files, and a surprising amount of old Doctor Who. And as long as I'm tossing old Who, I think it's time to toss the novelizations I read when I was getting into it in college. And, really, I think I'm a good twenty years past the time I'll be reading fantasy novels about pretty, pretty unicorns -- into the box with all of them.

Sure, they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder -- but this isn't necessarily the case with possessions. Frankly, they've been absent for something like 20 months, and absence has just made the heart realize I've gotten on quite well without them, and don't need them taking up space in my life anymore. And certainly not in my house.

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