Sunday, June 21, 2009

And the AFTER pictures

(This is fun!)

OK, here's what that bathroom looks like now.

The shower is not, in fact, a blaze of light and reflection. But it does have a pretty glass door where that wall used to be.

OK, then we move to the closet in the spare bedroom, which initially looked like this:

Not very exciting. We tore off the doors, took off the frame, pulled out the bar (and ripped a hole in it to upgrade the plumbing in the bathroom next door).

And then -- shelving!

OK, I haven't exactly unpacked the room, yet, but now, it's the "Library."

1 comment:

Elly said...

Wow! You have really gone to town! Red!!! I love red!
Looks heaps better. Mmmm cupboards!