Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy little bee

Didn't journal on Friday on purpose. (Usually when I don't journal, it's because I don't have time.) Didn't journal on Friday, though, 'cause it was my birthday, so I was sorta taking the day off.

Well, only taking it off from journalling. I've fallen a bit behind at work, so I've been putting in extra hours trying to get caught up. (And this despite the fact I'm not entirely sure if I'll get a paycheck next month. Yeah, I work for the Great State of California. And every time I read some idiot on an internet message board who thinks we should balance the budget by cutting pensions of State workers, I sorta want to take them aside and slap them silly. Because, really, it isn't like I'm being overpaid and sit on my ass all day long. I'm making substantially less than I'm worth in the private sector, and the fact that there is a decent pension at the end of this is one of the things that tries to make up for the vast inequity in pay. Yeah, so when I hear that I -- a graduate of one of the best Law Schools in the country and with 18 years experience -- am making less money than first-year recruits at major law firms, I console myself with the three thoughts that I: (1) have a better quality of life (2) am doing good work for the betterment of society (rather than just acting as a hired gun for my clients); and (3) yes, will have a decent pension coming to me at the end of this. So, basically, I'm chronically underpaid; I'm already looking at a further cut in pay with a one day per month court closure; and people who think they should cut my pension to balance the budget can just freakin' bite me.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah, working late on my birthday for an unknown amount of pay because I'm a responsible individual who takes pride in getting my damn job done, and done well. And I also had a show to see after work, because the part of me that's a theatre critic in my off hours is also behind schedule -- I have to see a certain amount of shows every year, and I'm about one month behind (and, if I consider my upcoming vacation, that'll put me another month behind), so I'm trying to see two shows a week, if I can swing it.

So ... work until 7:00, when I magically transformed from Lawyer to Critic. The show wasn't particularly long, but it was on the other side of town, so I didn't get home until after 10:00, at which time I crashed on the couch for a couple hours, watching TV and cuddling with the cat, to peacefully enjoy the last few hours of the anniversary of my birth.

(Didn't seem to make much sense to have a birthday party this year -- I just had the Open House last week, so it would've been a bit of party overkill. Besides, I got a bunch of gift cards which I haven't used yet, so there's still a major shopping spree in my not-too-distant future.)

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