Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh, *this* might be bad

So, when I called the cruise lady this morning, she was very clear about me having to pay within 24 hours. I was gonna pay her right then, but she said, hey, wait the 24 hours to make sure you can get your airfare, which seemed totally reasonable to me.

So I went to call them now, and, of course, what with it being after midnight, they're not in.

And I look at the fine print on the email she sent me, and it says that I have to pay "no later than Wednesday June 3, 2009." Which is, y'know, today. Yesterday actually. Not at all 24 hours from when she did the reservation this morning.

If that thing got cancelled (after I'd already booked a theatre ticket) I'm going to be REALLY TICKED.

Time to drop the nice cruise lady an email. A "do not give my reservation away" email.

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