Thursday, December 17, 2009

The economy ... it sucks

I know this because I took today off work to do all my holiday shopping.  I went to the mall.  I intended to start early, but, of course, didn't get there till around noon.  (Woke up to find I'd somehow set the thermostat to 90.  Had to wait a bit before jumping on the elliptical because I didn't think I was up to the whole "Bikram Cardio" experience.)  I was afraid I wouldn't get parking that late and I actually found a spot better than spots I've found there on weekends and evenings over the past year.  In fact, that whole section of the parking lot was empty.  I expected a reasonable amount of pre-Christmas crowds, but the place was fairly empty.  And sales everywhere.  Big sales, too.  Sales that nearly led me to buy stuff for myself because 40% off for that dress is a good deal.

(Stream of consciousness insert -- I wore a dress from the same clothing line to our office holiday party the other day.  Everyone complimented me on my weight loss -- which is really pretty funny as, with the possible exception of a recent 4 pound loss I'm trying to hang on to (and improve upon), I've been at virtually the same weight for, like, two years.  Note to self:  my jeans, they are not flattering.  The dress, on the other hand, makes me look hot, so I was totally contemplating a similar one.)

Wandered the entire mall for a few hours and ended up buying ... some tea for myself.  (I am a sucker for a good tea, and they had a mighty tasty one.  Which I am enjoying right now, thanks very much.)  Didn't buy anything for anyone else, although the shopping trip did do its trick of jump-starting my thought-process on gift ideas for people.  The internet is great for shopping, but it totally sucks for browsing.  (Yes, I know, there's a pun in there someplace.  I'm too wiped to find it.)

After a similar uneventful stop at Cost Plus World Market (where, after pushing a shopping cart throughout the entire store, I arrived at the checkstand with ... a little tea infuser ball for the new tea.  The shopping cart had clearly been overly-optimistic on my part.)  But, again, ideas.

Came home and spent ... my, it appears to be the last five hours ordering stuff on the internet.  I still have four items left to purchase (can't do them over the web for various reasons, but at least I know what they are) -- and, after that, there's only three people left on the list who need actual gifts.  Anyone else -- I'm donating to charity in your name.  I'll come up with something cool -- promise.

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