Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolution

I never have them; never keep them if I do.

But I just thought of one for this year which I am planning to keep.

Resolved:  To use all of my gift cards.

(Conveniently, most of my gift cards have no expiration, or monthly non-use charge.  Thank you, California.)

Having gone through the stack, I have, in no particular order:

- 3 Home Depots
- an AMC Movies (also: an AMC gift certificate ticket, an Edwards Cinemas gift certificate ticket, and 2 Pacific Theaters gift certificate booklets -- clearly, I have movies to see in 2010)
- 2 Bath & Body Works
- 3 Barnes & Noble
- 1 Cost Plus World Market (did I take it when I went to Cost Plus last week?  Noooo.)
- 1 Virgin Megastore
- 2 iTunes (started using them immediately -- yay for free music!)
- 2 Bed Bath & Beyond
- 1 Disney Store
- 1 Petco
- 1 Macy's
- 1 Visa


- a Cheesecake Factory card with $2 left on it

There is such a shopping spree in my future.  And about a third of a piece of cheesecake.


Linda :) said...

Happy New Year!
Happy Shopping! :)

Lori said...