Tuesday, December 22, 2009

That's Right Neighborly, That Is

OK.  Last week, my neighbors made some brownies and left me some in a little bag by my door with a little "Happy Holidays" note.

I reciprocated with a dozen chocolate chip cookies (from my friend who has started a home baking business).

Today, they emailed to thank me.  They also told me that our "block captain" is displaying a bell outside her house, which is our reward for having 100% block participation in the holiday decorating.  (That being:  tying Pokey to the tree.)  I responded that I was glad my pitiful solar spotlight (which doesn't so much illuminate Pokey as bathe him in an eerie glow) didn't get us marked down, and commented that I'd have to start shopping earlier next year to find an outdoor spotlight which actually plugs in (rather than one which needs to be attached with electrical cable -- which was all the stores had left).

Tonight.  8:15.  A knock on my door.  My neighbor.  With a spare outdoor plug-in spotlight.

I tell him that's awful sweet of him, but seeing as I hadn't found the spotlight, I hadn't bought the necessary extension cord.  He says no problem, he has an extension cord.  He offers to run it along my driveway and light up Pokey.  I thank him, tell him he couldn't possibly stand outside at 8:30 at night and tape an extension cord along my driveway, and say that if he loans me the equipment, I'll put it up on Christmas day.

He leaves to get the stuff.  I go back inside.  Put on a jacket and some shoes -- figure I'll go up to his house and at least save him the walk back to my driveway.

By the time I get outside, he's already here with a massive box, containing about a quarter mile of extension cord, a power strip, a couple rolls of electrical tape, and a timer.  He's already got the light on Pokey and is planning a route with the cable.

Wouldn't even let me make him a mug of tea or anything.

I'm so touched.

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Wil said...

You found a great neighborhood. After all, it could just as easily be George Lopez or Archie Bunker next door...