Thursday, December 3, 2009

Injury Update

(Re:  3 posts down)

Well, it took just about a week to take care of the broken nail.  Random quirk about me:  my nails grow fast.  I'm not real clear on the normal standard of nail growth, but I do know that mine grow at an above-average rate.  

This is a good thing when you break your nail below the quick.

After three or four days of keeping the whole thing bandaged, it had healed enough for me to successfully attack it with clippers.  I still couldn't cut it at the level of the crack, but I at least got it down the point where I could safely keep it in one of them fingertip bandages.  

A few days after that, circumstances (it started cracking) required me to cut it along the break.  The nail had grown out enough to make this physically possible, but I did have to go a millimeter or two lower than I would have liked.  The result is that I've exposed some of that really sensitive skin that has probably never seen the light of day, so everything I touch with my fingertip is a new and exciting experience.

That sounded dirtier than it is.

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