Thursday, April 8, 2010

Birthday Party Planning Continued

Thanks for the input.  Janiece, in particular, made me think.  Because, I mean, I do like parties where I'm able to hang out with my guests -- the problem is that I don't think a backyard barbecue would do that.  The few times I've actually hosted a party at my home, I've been stuck in the kitchen (or, at the housewarming, alternating between the kitchen and giving tours) and didn't really get a chance to speak with at least half my guests.  I think that's one of the many things I liked about the party on the Curlew, I actually got to just hang and relax with everyone.

But how to duplicate this without chartering another boat?  I think it does have to be away from my house -- because if it's in my house, I have to be all hosty (and keeping an eye on the cat not getting out) and can't just have fun.  

Was toying with the idea of a party at Build-A-Bear (they give you a discount if you Build your Bears for charity donation) and food at the Nestle Toll House Cafe.  Of course, this is (yet) another one of those where they ask the average age of your party guests when you're making the reservation -- so, again, I may be aiming to bring my celebration to a location which doesn't normally aim at my particular demographic.

Still, it's awfully hard to find a place to take a group of grown-ups that is: (a) fun; and (b) not all about vast quantities of alcohol consumption. 


Janiece said...

Hm. I understand what you're saying about feeling obligated to be all "hosty" when the gig's at your home.

Do you have any local friends that might volunteer their digs for such an event? If you and all your nearest and dearest are willing to come to Colorado, I'd hook you up, but I fear that might prove to be impractical.

Wil said...

Rent a private rail car from the local RR Historical Society for a little jaunt up to the mountains with their regular trip... even better if it was a Club Car.

Anonymous said...

Lots of fine eating establishments in your area that would love to host your birthday party. They cook & serve, you enjoy.