Friday, April 16, 2010

Really? In 2010?

Just called a business with an inquiry about a possible, oh, birthday party there.  They called me back.  And they told me about some of the information, and then asked, "Do you have an email address?"

Uh, yeah.  (Actually, I'd been pretty ticked I had to call them in the first place -- but they didn't have an email address for their Event Coordinator on their website.  And the phone number was wrong.  But still.)

You are asking me if I have an email address?  (Yeah.  About 7 in regular circulation, and another 3 on a cyclical basis.)

Made me wonder at what point in technological evolution people stopped asking, "Do you have a telephone?" and started just asking for the number.

Look, if you ride the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters at Disneyland (which, btw, I do recommend), at the end of the ride, you'll find little kiosks where you can type in your email address and have your Astro Blasting photograph e'd to yourself for posterity (or facebook posting, whatever).  What I'm saying here is that Disneyland assumes you have an email address, and has done so for quite some time.  I really think we might have turned the corner on this one.

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