Friday, April 23, 2010


Sometimes, I oversleep.

OK, I damn near always oversleep, but that involves hitting the snooze button a lot and reluctantly getting up when the clock-radio goes on for the umpteenth time.

But sometimes, I remain asleep when the radio is blaring.  And my mind, in a desperate attempt to remain asleep, tries valiantly to integrate the radio into my dream.

I first noticed this phenomenon when I was a kid, dreaming I was at Magic Mountain, and -- for some reason -- Rick Dees magically appeared and started talking to us.  (And I woke up when I thought, "What the hell is Rick Dees doing here?)

This morning, after I hit the snooze a few times, I fell back asleep (again) and stayed there.  The alarm went off and I -- while still asleep -- dreamt that the alarm went off.  (I even had a -- false -- memory that someone -- my aunt, for some reason -- had come in previously and hit the snooze, saying, "We should let her sleep.")  So I reached to hit snooze and shut the alarm off.  And it wouldn't go off.  "Two Tickets to Paradise" is blaring over the radio and I can't turn it off.  I reach for the off button and hit it repeatedly -- won't go off.  I get up, get on my hands and knees behind my nightstand, and unplug the radio.  Eddie Money is still singing.  I open the radio and check for back-up batteries.  There are empty battery slots.  I keep staring at this unplugged battery-less radio and can't figure out how music is still coming out of it.  I walk out into the living room (my aunt is there -- she was visiting) and I'm about to share with her this bizarre miracle of home electronics when I finally wake the hell up just as the song ends.   


Anonymous said...

I have that happen to me all the time too! Or if my husband is playing on his laptop at night while I'm sleeping, the youtube vidoes he's watching incorporate themselves into my dreams!

Wil said...

You have more fun in the morning than any two people should! Are you SURE the damned cat isn't slipping something into your tea?

Amlilui said...

haha! I oversleep ALL THE TIME. The only benefit, are lucid dreaming scenarios like yours :)

I decided to see what happened if I woke up at 6:30am everyday for a month.

Follow me! while I blog every morning for 30 days as I try to become a "morning person" :)