Monday, July 12, 2010

Is a bug

There is, according to my doctor, a nasty little bug going around.  I got me some antibiotics to kill it dead (and a diflucan chaser), and a low-dose steriod.  The latter was offered "if I'd like to function."  Why yes, I thought, I would like to function.  (Reference the bit about me not working at home hardly at all when I normally work at home quite a lot when I'm sick.)

So, I called the office, telling them I'm hoping for functionality tomorrow and my actual attendance on Wednesday.  Am now I'm tossing back a late lunch (as half my pills must be taken with food) and hopefully getting down to the business of getting well.


Lori said...

Hope you are feeling much better!! Die, bug, die!

Wil said...

Don't you just love getting well makes your body ill? I raise my goblet of cranberry juice en salute!