Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just so you know

Healing blisters ITCH!!

(I can't really do this post justice without TMI.  Let's just say I'm having a hell of a time figuring out how to place the bandaids on the open blisters without having them also stick to some closed blisters.  And I can't find a pair of shoes that'll work here, either.  This is so annoying.) 


Wil said...
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Wil said...

Cortisone cream and moleskin - lots of moleskin. You cut out the blister areas and leave the rest intact to apply to unblistered skin. Cover with a second layer if the blisters are really big, followed by an uncut sheet of moleskin. Add thick hiking boots - no heels for you this week. Heavy, non-rucking socks carefully cover the moleskin.

Or you take alcohol, apply liberally, hop around until the burning is tolerable, cover with heavy bandage tape and hope for the best.

Still and all, method one works the best for long-term prognosis of healthy feet.

The cream is only to reduce the itchiness of new skin growth. Silvadene cream (wickedly expensive) works well on the bare, new skin, so long as you haven't any history of fungal infections.