Saturday, July 10, 2010

Still Sick

Did not see that one coming.  My cold had been steadily progressing ... first worse than kinda better.  It broke from the achy stage into the congested stage yesterday, so I reckoned that I'd wake up this morning feeling great but sounding like shit.  You know, when you're coughing a lot (and/or your voice is gone), but you feel about a million times better than before.

Instead, my cold threw a curve at me:  wicked, wicked sore throat.  My throat lozenges (which I generally swear by) only took the edge off.  Neither tea nor soup provided relief either.

(Oddly, food did.  The wonton soup was of marginal success, but the moo goo gai pan actually helped, temporarily.  But, really, how much goo can one girl eat?  And I ate my last popsicle,* so I'm back on ice cream.  I'm clearly doing the whole "feed a cold" thing, but I'm already up three pounds since I first got sick.  And today, I felt so crappy, I didn't even exercise.)

I have a theory about this particular sore throat, actually.  Apparently, a sore throat in the course of a cold is a matter of drainage -- and the one thing that has changed before this cold is that I've started sleeping on a super-flat pillow.  (I'm a stomach sleeper, and the flat pillow helps.)  I think I'm going to try to prop it up a bit tonight to help increase the downward flow, as it were.

There was also a moment of panic about a half hour ago when I went into my medicine chest and discovered no damn decongestant.  No idea how I was going to make it through the night without some of that, and I didn't really feel up to throwing on clothes and trudging out to a pharmacy this time of night.  Luckily, I remembered I keep an emergency stash in my travel kit -- two doses of Nyquil liqui-gels.  Score!  Hopefully, that'll get me through the night -- although I'm not entirely sure I'm looking forward to what tomorrow morning will bring.

*Not technically true.  Technically, I have a couple of the orange ones left.  But they taste kinda like wood, and leave a weird aftertaste.  I don't recall orange popsicles being this vile.

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