Monday, July 12, 2010

Place Your Bets!

Gargling with salt water worked so well yesterday, I didn't experience the sore throat for most of the day.  Woke up this morning (well, middle of the night) and the damn thing was back.

This makes it Day Three.

The bottle of DayQuil, 24-hour Nurse Line from my insurance company, and nurse at my doctor's office all agree that I need to see the doctor.

(Or, more precisely, that he needs to see me.)

So, what have I got?  All symptoms seem to point to bad cold over strep or flu, but I assume the doctor will do a strep test (and possibly a blood sample for a mono test).  Anyone have any guess as to what medical science will diagnose?

(Oh, goody.  11:00.  Time for my next salt-water gargle.)

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