Thursday, July 8, 2010


There was much I'd been thinking about posting, but I'm home sick today.

In my standard way, I've postponed this particular illness to a more convenient time.  It hit me yesterday morning when I was just about finishing up something for work (which technically isn't due until Monday), at which point my body said, "Aha!  Several days when nothing important is happening!  Time to yield to the germs!"  So I finished that up, turned it in, and ran for home.

Of course, there's never any time when nothing is happening, so I'm missing out on at least one play (perhaps more), a couple of dates,* and potentially a friend's birthday party.  I also brought a ton of work home so I could get a jump start on all the stuff with a mid-August deadline, but I'm kinda wiped out and have very little interest in anything other than soup.  And tea.  And popsicles.

*Let's play, "How long does it take for my mom to read this entry?"


Wil said...

Soup & Popsicles. Just the ticket to punch when sick. Add some bananas and electrolytes and you will be in the pink in no time at all (well, by Monday morning, anyway).

Get well soon.

Lori said...

Get well soon! Leave everything for a few days. (And we want to know how quickly your mom *did* read this entry!)

Anonymous said...

Final answer: one day! Couldn't locate your journal for a day or so since AOL changed their format!
Sorry I can't give you chicken soup. Mom