Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Downside of Cat Ownership

Normally, I can think of a lot of pictures I'd rather post in my journal than a photo of myself after I've been home sick for two days.  I mean, my general state is such that... well, let's just say I won't be using this snap in a personal ad anytime soon.

And, yet, there's a certain something I wanted to share, and I'm sure you'd prefer the picture to the 1000 words.



Me.  After a certain purry little princess decided to give me a paw to the face.

(No, the scratch wasn't there before.  Nor the cut on my lip.  And my glasses used to sit straight.)


blondepennierae said...

My kitty loved me so much she scratched my cornea.  I had to wear a bandage over my eye for a couple of days.  That was when I was walking with a cane.  I looked like I had been in a train wreck.  BUT I loved my baby anyway.  Do you have a fever or are your cheeks that beautiful pink glow all the time.  Have you and your kitty kissed and made up yet?  Pennie  

ckeileenm said...

Oh my!  Wow!  That's some powerful kitty!  Just another adventure in pet owning, huh?!

I hope those scratches heal soon!  Pets are fun, but they certainly keep us on our toes, don't they? :-)

I enjoy your journal!  Very informative and funny. Thanks!

annalisa135 said...

I finally get to see you!!  :-)  You are beautiful, scratches and all!  I LOVE your hair!   Poor Jasmine.  lol   (yeah, you thought I was going to say "poor NZ")  Nope, poor Jasmine.  She must've hurt her nails when your face got in the way.  lol  That'll teach you to stay out of her way.  She's the queen, remember?  You are only a maid in waiting.  LOL   In all seriousness, I hope it healed without any permanent damage.  ((((hugs))))