Monday, March 28, 2005

Commercials That Annoy Me (Part Two)

By popular demand (thanks, cyndygee), I now reveal the a-number-one-worstest commercial on TV.

That would be that Carl's Jr. ad for their new spicy sandwich.  The one where the (computer generated) baby in utero talks to his mom about how he doesn't want her to eat the sandwich 'cause it's too spicy.  Just in case you missed it (I understand it might not air in all markets) it ends with the baby saying something about how if she doesn't listen to him, he's gonna come out early, and "take a little something with" him.  At this point, he threateningly grabs a handful of ... well, what I can only imagine is the inside of his mother's uterus.  We see it sorta stretch into his hand, and it looks kinda globby.

It's offensive.  Nauseatingly so.  Can't imagine how anyone would think this sort of thing would make someone want to run right out and buy a fast food sandwich.  Although I wouldn't be surprised if it gave pregnant women nightmares.  Yeah, that's what you need to think about -- some demon-possessed fetus grabbing handfuls of your innards and threatening to rip them out.  Nice.

Interestingly, the Carl's Jr. website has a page with their commercials online, but it omits this one.  I can only hope the ad was pulled.


olddog299 said...

Gee whiz, I laughed like a maniac when I saw that on the tube one evening. It's delightfully perverse...


wayoutdacloset said...

i have not seen the ad due to the fact i don't have on in my area however i use to live in san diego and loved the big goop of kethup splatter commericals .. anyhow ia ma fan of jack in the box commericals ....nice journal .. ~berly