Thursday, March 17, 2005

St. Pat's Memories

When I was a kid, St. Patrick's Day was all about one thing -- wearing green, and getting pinched if you're not. 

St. Patrick's Day -- Eighth Grade.  On the school bus, I realize I forgot to wear green.  Now, some kids in this situation will just tell you they're wearing green underwear in order to avoid the pinching -- but there were some people who would then ask to see your underwear -- and it's always the ones you don't want to show your drawers to.

I investigate my bookbag.  I don't have much to choose from.  The only green thing in my possession is my Geometry textbook.  I'm not going to carry my book around with me all day.

I'm also carrying my compass.  I use the pointy end of the compass to rip a small piece off the cover of the textbook.  Very small.  I tape it to my fingernail.  Much junior high school laughter on the bus as we contemplate which nail to tape it to.  Because when people ask me, "Where's your green?" I intend to show them.

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annalisa135 said...

I'm sooooo not surprised by "which nail".  (smiles)  You are not a chick who holds back when telling someone something.  :-)